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Once your tattooing session is complete, it is important to look after your tattoo to ensure its longevity. Many great tattoos are ruined by poor after tattoo care.

At Taz Tattoo

Your Tattoo Artist will apply a light coating of Tattoo Goo cream to your tattoo once your session is complete. This cream is a combination of Healix Gold and Panthenol. Your tattoo may also be wrapped in plastic wrap to prevent it from leaking onto your clothing. The plastic wrap may be safely removed after an hour or so if you do not plan on returning to hotel straight away.

Back At Your Hotel

Once you have arrived back at your hotel you may safely remove the plastic wrap. You may shower as per normal, however do not rub the tattoo. Pat dry the tattoo with your towel and let it air dry for a few minutes. Now is a good time to apply a light coating of Tattoo Goo cream. Be sure to wear loose clothing, as your new tattoo needs to breathe. Apply a light coating of Tattoo Goo cream whenever you feel your tattoo is getting dry. This means you will probably be applying Tattoo Goo cream four or five times a day, so be sure to keep a tube handy.


If you need to wear a suit or nice clothes to dinner or a function and you donít want to leak ink on your clothing, you may wish to wear an undershirt in between. Alternatively seal the tattoo with an appropriate type of bandage material for short periods of time only.


On average it can take between seven to ten days for your tattoo to completely heal, depending on the person, where the tattoo is located on your body, and the size of the tattoo. During this time it is important to avoid direct sun light on your new tattoo, so sunbathing is off the list of things to do. Soaking your tattoo in salt and/or chlorinated water is also not a good idea. So swimming in the ocean or pool, visiting the sauna or the hot tub are also off limits during your recovery.

When To Get Your Tattoo

As most people come on holiday to go swimming and sunbathing, the best time to get your tattoo is shortly before you leave to return home. This way you can enjoy the advantages of your holiday, and still get a tattoo. If you are on a tattooing holiday and do not care for swimming or sunbathing, you may want to get started straight away. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you visit us when you first arrive in Patong to discuss your tattoo, and to make a booking with your preferred artist.